Furniture Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright

The design for the end table below came to me while browsing though a book of Frank Lloyd Wright's home designs.  The legs and the half lapped slats were my interpretations of the furniture he designed for his homes.

One of my woodworking teachers, Kevin Rodel of Maine, helped me work out the final proportions of this piece.  It was started during a two week workshop at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport, Maine and completed later in my shop.

I hope to be able to build upon this basic design in future pieces.


Click on a picture below for a larger image.

End Table

The half lapped slats are a unique feature to this piece. It is my own design idea. The detail in the legs is pure Wright. The table top measures 24" by 24" and stands 27" tall.

End Table

A 1/8th inch Ebony inlay creates an interesting design element in the top of this Cherry and Maple table. You may notice the resemblance of this inlay pattern in my logo.


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