Thomas Moser End Tables

I made three end tables, borrowing a design of Thomas Moser's, that were given to a local charity for a fund raising event.  Two tables were made from cherry and one table made from an exotic African hardwood called Bubinga.

Photographs by Loli Kantor.


Click on a picture below for a larger image.

Bubinga End Table

This was made from an extraordinarily beautiful piece of Bubinga. Notice the image in the top made from the figure in the wood.

Cherry End Table

Notice the unusual figure in this piece of cherry. This is a beautiful and rare form of Cherry called "Curly Cherry". I was lucky to have found this wood at a local hardwood supplier.

Cherry End Table

Both Cherry end tables were made from one very large board that measured 11 inches wide by 2 inches thick by 12 feet long.


Detail on the Cherry End Table

Cherry End Table

My Photographer was having fun with this shot


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